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Happy new year 2007

Yay friends. The new year 2007 is beginning. Silvester was very cool. I celebrated it with my family and with friends. Christmas was soo incredible. I got all the presents, I wished. Prevailing clothes and jewelry. Uhm, the exchange students are now away T-T. The goodbye was very sad. Buut, only in three weeks we will visit them in France. Waaah, it will be so funny. I was already in Paris, and saw the Eiffel Tower. But I wasn't on the head of it. I just have to say that my french is very mad >.< .. hahah. At the moment I watch the drama "Ichi Rittoru no Namida", on english "One litre of tears". It's very sad and they crie a lot. After DBY, I wanted to watch a japanese drama, and tadaa ^.^ After this drama, I'll watch another japanese drama, but I forgot the name xD. Njo, a happy day!
1.1.07 16:37

I'm a free teen-girl

Woaah all classtests are done. It was so hectically that I forgot what I wanted to do. But now I've got many free times to go shopping, design, relax, train for ballet, piano and many things T-T. I look forward to go shopping, yay I'm so happy, that I've got enough money to buy pretty things, I ever wanted xD. In just two days the exchange students of France will come! It'll be so funny and cool (I hope so) >.<. My brothers birthday is the 15th of December, so when my exchange student is here, we will celebrate together. Uhm, are you exited of Christmas, too? I'm very very exited and I don't know what to present my friends. I just know what to present my mommy and brother, but it's difficult to find something for friends. Has someone any ideas xD?
12.12.06 14:18

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