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My little brother goes Rome

Yaawh, my little brother Long will travel to Rome with his complete school. The very big and famous culture-metropolis, so coool T-T. I'm jealous and I want to go tooo, but I have to go to school. But I'm happy for Long, that he has the chance to visit this great city. My school is so so boring, no journey and no exiting things. Just things like new cafeteria, laptops for students or exchange in a foreign country. No special. The only journey with the school was a trip to Aachen. Funny but not so suspenseful. Today I bought Cherry Juice Vol.2, this japan book is so cool. I love it and I want Cherry Juice Vol.3, too. But noo, Vol.3 will first appear at december Y-Y noo deadness. But now, you know what you can present me to Christmas.hahahah XDD. Maths was very very difficult, and I don't know if it was good or bad o_o. And today I wrote German, five pages in two hours..XD. Finally I'll see.
6.10.06 20:59

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Annikki / Website (6.10.06 22:58)
äh ne, ich bin jetzt wieder bei meiner alten friseurin, weil irgendwie fällt es mir doch schwer, meine haare fremden leuten anzuvertrauen. ich habe mir überlegt, zu einem anderen friseur zu gehen, weil ich ihre neue handy nummer nicht hatte. aber jetzt ist wieder alles im lot (:


Alice / Website (7.10.06 21:11)
Hey =D

I suffer with you. My school is just blah. Boring. More than boring. The pupils are stupid and the teachers are, too, and I still have three years to be there.
I would like to go to a foreign country for a longer time, but there were only exchanges for ten days and I don't think that this is long enough to get to know the country and the people there, so I didn't sign up for that thing. The USA-exchange won't happen, hell knows why, I'm so mad -_-' I'd like to go to USA ... I'd like to go ANYWHERE my school is not @_@ But well ...

I hope that your Maths test and your German test were all good. My Maths test was horrible %D But my German was excellent. One of the best. Whatever.

By the way, cute layout =D I like strawberries =3
Alice <3

Alice / Website (7.10.06 22:23)
Lol you are not the only one with bad English xD"

Awww, you're ill? o_o That's shit ._.' I spend the last two weeks in my bed and now I am happy that I can run around & make shit again |D~

Nya, we should einigen us auf what language wir writen xDDD
Let's talk English, dude (sry ich liebe dieses Wort xDD)

DROP! iT ON ME / Website (8.10.06 20:53)
Ich lass meine Familie ja auch nicht im Stich ;] Aber die Familie macht mich kaputt.. naja..
Dein Bruder fährt nach Rom? Mach ich auch nächstes Jahr (: Studienfahrt wahrscheinlich. aber erstmal das Schuljahr überstehen x_x
wie gehts dir denn so?

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