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Happy new year 2007

Yay friends. The new year 2007 is beginning. Silvester was very cool. I celebrated it with my family and with friends. Christmas was soo incredible. I got all the presents, I wished. Prevailing clothes and jewelry. Uhm, the exchange students are now away T-T. The goodbye was very sad. Buut, only in three weeks we will visit them in France. Waaah, it will be so funny. I was already in Paris, and saw the Eiffel Tower. But I wasn't on the head of it. I just have to say that my french is very mad >.< .. hahah. At the moment I watch the drama "Ichi Rittoru no Namida", on english "One litre of tears". It's very sad and they crie a lot. After DBY, I wanted to watch a japanese drama, and tadaa ^.^ After this drama, I'll watch another japanese drama, but I forgot the name xD. Njo, a happy day!
1.1.07 16:37

The autumn holiday

Yeaah, holiday since one week. My cousins visited us, and I went shopping with them. And I've bought a coool skirt. So beatiful, rawwwr ^3^. Ah, my brother is longest back. He said it was very great and Rome is very cool..sure brother xD. My mommy said that we will maybe travel to Rome at summer holiday. Yah Yah, uhm my laptop was defect, so I couldn't blog T-T. But my cousin helped me, so now it works. Soo many news xD. Wuaah, it's so boring, so boring. Tomorrow is Cristina's birthday and birthdayparty, don't forget to congratulate her. I don't know what to present her, have you any ideas? Heelpie ^3^.
22.10.06 12:21

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