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France Exchange at school

I take part at an exchange to France xD. At 13th to 21st of December my exchange student will visit with her group of thirty students (15/16 years) Germany. And my exchange student will visit my home and sleep here. Yaaaw, I'm so excited, who she is, and how she is. My english teacher Mrs. S. said, that one student looks like me. And she said that she's vietnamese, too, and if I want this girl to be my exchange student, she will organize it. Next Year 21st January 2007 I will visit France with my friends. So cooool. Uhm yeah, my ballet lessons (twice a week) is very hard, but it makes fun. I have to learn a cord until christmas T-T. My piano lessons (once a week) is difficult, too. My piano-teacher is very strict. Moaah, I'm very foul >.< hahahah. Now I'm going to eat something.
16.11.06 20:03

Tomorrow the horror-maths

Kwaah noo T-T, tomorrow there is the math-test and I'm very very afraid of it. Actually I've learned very often and very hard, but I'm scared of getting a blackout. I'm more scared of the blackout than the math-test. Is this normal XD? But I'll see, what it'll be the following of hard-learning. School is at the moment very easy to understand (excepting maths XD), and I always wake up with the good feeling that I've got the homeworks and don't need to dear, you're ill... I promise myself that I will strain in school, because the 10th grade is very hard, many people say. Pööh, I don't care what many people say, if I'll strain, I will accomplish..hahahah.
4.10.06 16:25

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